Traditional Equipment for Classic Boats

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An unashamedly personal, prejudiced and certainly not comprehensive view on maritime books worth having on your shelf. I am a real sucker for books - much to my wife's dismay - so hopefully I have made enough mistakes in buying them to help you avoid doing likewise. The ones listed are all good value, and the star rating runs as follows:

5 stars -   Must have. A seminal work which is unlikely to date

4 stars -   Should have if it is in a subject area of interest to you

3 stars -   Not essential, but worth having

2 stars, 1 star & 0 stars - not listed - what is the point?.

Please note that I may not agree with the star ratings listed at Amazon, and that some of the books are only available used.


Anyway, the books have been categorised as follows:

(please note that the pages may take some time to load because of all the pictures)
History The development of ships and boats. After all, if you don't know where you have been, it is harder to work out where you are going
Theory The best of yacht and small craft design and theory.  Some books here are inevitably dated, but still contain much of value
Practical From boatbuilding techniques to seamanship via rigging
Stories Stuff just for the hell of it.