Traditional Equipment for Classic Boats

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Medium-sized Cruisers

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Broads Cruiser

Lots of these sorts of craft in Norfolk, characterised by shoal draft, huge rigs, and masts which lower quickly enough to "shoot" bridges.  This one owned by a chap who rang us in great distress one day. We had just sent some red lead powder - to mix with putty for his seams - and he'd opened the tub in his living room.  Snag is he dropped the stuff into a white deep-pile carpet.  He rang us for some more powder; I think the next phone call was to the carpet shop for an urgent delivery before his wife returned!

Photo: Owner

ferguson.jpg (40778 bytes)

Grey Merlin

Built by David Still on a Roxanne hull, this boat flies.  If I have a few reservations on the look, I have none about the performance.  An interesting one-off.

Photo: Owner

grey merlin.jpg (64690 bytes)


The smaller of Nigel Irens' luggers, together with...

Photo: Peter Chesworth

romilly - w25.jpg (112514 bytes)


arguably the most interesting modern traditional boats, if I make any sense.  Lightweight, modern materials are used to interpret an old theme, and the performance is stunning.  Currently built by Bridgend Boat Company.

Photo: Nikos

roxanne - cb99.jpg (461131 bytes)


One of Albert Strange's yawls, of which there are a goodly number still afloat.  A surprising number are still engineless, which leads to the odd moment of fun for the owners, but they sail so well, it is not a terminal handicap.

Photo: Mike Burn

sheila - cb105.jpg (51656 bytes)

Norfolk Smuggler

The largest - at 25 ft - of the Norfolk Boatyards craft, designed by Andrew Wolstenholme.  More than a one foot longer Cornish Crabber, they are capacious and comfortable.  But they cost more, too!  As with all the Norfolk Boats, we did the custom metalwork in Bronze and Galvanised steel.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

smuggler - b35.jpg (90178 bytes)

Tradewind 25

Most of these end up with stainless fittings.  Nothing wrong with that, but it was nice to do the designers ( John Rock) own boat with custom bronze fittings.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

tradewind25 - b11.jpg (127693 bytes)


Nice to see these being built now and again in the UK.  They are much more seaworthy than European prejudices will allow, but it is a brave chap who'd offer to do them on a commercial basis.  This one is home built, and nicely so.

Photo: Owner

while sharpie.jpg (41687 bytes)

Yarmouth 23

Another interpretation of the small gaff cruiser, this one built in the Isle of Wight by Yarmouth Marine Services.  It has been very successful to, 18 sold in the last 2 years is good going. 

Photo: Peter Danby

y23 - cb135.jpg (117837 bytes)