Traditional Equipment for Classic Boats

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Boats - and people - we have worked on/with

We try not to blow our own trumpet too much, but we have worked on some very interesting boats.  Have a look at:

Open Boats - non-racing
Open boats - class or racing types
Small cruisers - up to about 22 ft
Middling sized cruisers - up to about 30 ft
Larger craft
Traditional craft & workboats

As for the people.....we will let recent customers say it for us, and all unsolicited!


" Thanks for the great service "

MM - USA -
December 2015

"Thank you for your help and attention."

ND - Canada - December 2015

"You can't retire yet, I haven't finished the boat! Many thanks for this and all previous orders."

JS  - UK - November 2015

"Arrived in the post this morning.  Now that's what I call service!  Great job, many thanks.."

MP - UK - October 2015

"It's a world record!  The stuff just arrived! :-)"

LG Portugal September 2015 

"Pintles  arrived on time and are things of great beauty! Many thanks!"

NM UK August 2015

"My delivery just arrived. Thank you for taking such care to ensure the keelband arrived in pristine condition. I do appreciate it. It was great to receive things so quickly and I hope it wasn't a rush to prepare the order."

MS UK August 2015

"I'm really really impressed with your chekking up on this - excellent service like this is rarely seen when shopping on the net."

N D-S Denmark July 2015

"The package arrived just now so thank you once again for your efficiency and for taking the time to check the details - great service, which seems to often be lacking in the marine industry, especially at this time of year!"

N M-L UK July 2015

"My items arrived safe and sound and I am very pleased with them. Excellent quality and exactly what was required. 
Thanks very much."

SG  UK May 2015

Just got back to the ranch and the block I ordered yesterday afternoon is here waiting for me AND - its the right one!!!!
Bloody brilliant.
Now all you need to do is sell it at a half reasonable price and Id be as wealthy as Moray!!!

KH UK April 2015

 " We received our Cranse irons yesterday and wanted to pass on what fine quality hardware you provide. It  is a beautiful piece of workmanship."

FW USA April 2015

"I rang you earlier to say thank you for sending the screw and cord, and left a message to say they arrived this morning, having asked you for them only yesterday afternoon.

First class service, thank you again, it is a delight to deal with you.."

PP UK April 2015

just a "thankyou" for the fittings received (last week in fact) - now fitting them! Customer impressed too...... all the best for now

FB UK Feb 2015