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Don't you just hate those laundry lists of websites? What are they there for?

The purpose here, without wishing to sound pretentious or pompous, is to introduce you to people like us who actually care about "proper" boats.  That is not to say that all old things are good - anyone for a dose of tuberculosis? -  and all new things are bad, and that everything has do be done in the old-fashioned way. Just in case you had forgotten, you are now looking at a website!  Strictly speaking, it isn't a links page because a number of these people haven't got a website or e-mail.

So it is a list of good guys you should know about. We will be building the list as we go, hopefully with your help.  




Equipment Suppliers

Brokerage and Charter

Associations & Clubs

General Sites and others



Iain Oughtred

Occasionally known to visit the planet Earth, his catalogue of designs for small boats is sublime.  Even if you know you'll never really get round to building one, you have got to have a copy for inspiration. See here for more details.  01470 532732

Ed Burnett

A good mix of ancient - sensible hull shapes - with modern construction techniques. web

Andrew Wolstenholme

Does a good many "production" boats - well everyone has to make a living - but also produces interesting designs ranging from Charlie Wards 45 ft steel barge, a new slipper launch for Henwood & Dean, the "Sprite" rowing skiff, and attractive dinghies like Coot and Mallard  web

Paul Fisher

A huge range in his catalogue, some better than others, but he has done a huge amount to encourage amateur boatbuilders onto their first venture web

Francois Vivier

Authentic and seaworthy boats, designed to be built either with traditional or modern techniques. web

D.H Kurylko

Specializing in designs for beach cruising and
long distance voyaging under oar and sail.

Magazines & Publications

Charles Smith Publications

A fount of lots of knowledge on traditional boats web

Classic Boat

After a rather fallow patch some years back, this mag is now staffed by people who know one end of a boat from the other and it shows web

Devereux Books

Publish high-quality books that include traditional craft (Good Skiffs, How They're Designed and Built, Cape Cod Catboats) and classic marine engines. web

Duckworks Magazine

Some great links to boat building projects, and an excellent directory of design sources. Be warned though - if you like boats, you could spend hours looking through all the wonderful material he has linked to! web

Maritime Life & Traditions

a joint venture between Chasse-Maree and Woodenboat (qv), this is a magazine with deep articles web

Reeds Nautical Books

UK and worldwide mail order of nautical books web

Traditional Boats & Tallships

All aspects of the present-day world of tall ships and sail training on a worldwide basis. web


Pete Greenfield's latest - he also started Classic Boat and Boatman (now part of Classic Boat).  Affordable boating web

Wooden Boat

A tad intense sometimes, but always authoritative web


Alan Staley

A leading light of the Wooden Boatbuilders Association. 01795 530668

Aldeburgh Boatyard Co. Ltd

Runs one of the archetypal East Coast yards - and keeps the Aldeburgh Dragon fleet in shape. 01728 452019

Blue Boats,Bryher

Make, amongst other things, the "Blue Pilot" a 17' open boat that must get sailed harder than most because they keep breaking our bits. email

Bridgend Boat Co Ltd

Build Nigel Irens's Roxanne and Romilly, the Brock range of dinghies, high class motor yachts…actually just go and look at their website. web

Character Boats

A nice range of traditional dayboats in GRP web

Charlie Ward Traditional Boats Ltd

Builder of very exclusive barge yachts, and the Norfolk Boatyard range of open boats and yachts. He is currently planning a 65' barge yacht for charter.  If you would like a share, get in touch with him. web

Classic Marine

Well, it had to happen, and it is hardly the most original of names(!), but these guys make runabouts. Now admit it, wouldn't you like a go in one? web

Classic Marine

And again; these guys are brokers in France! web

Creative Marine

Lovely launches and rivercraft, many by Andrew Wolstenholme web

Dolphin Quay Boatyard

Another ex Combes man, well reputed for wooden boat restoration web

Fabian Bush

If he had a bushel he'd probably hide his light underneath it! Great boatbuilder with unorthodox marketing techniques 01206 728577

Gannon & Benjamin

High quality wooden boatyard on US East Coast web

Grand Largue

Producing the "Stir Ven", a pretty dayboat email

Grapeview Point Boatworks

Handsome glued lapstrake boats and canoes web

Harwich Boatcraft

Produces small cruisers to Laurent Giles design. Also the current chairman of the Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association 01255 551396

Heir Island Boatworks

Like me, Gubby reckons there is a market for pretty ¾ deckers, of which his "Heir Island Sloop" is a good example web

Henwood & Dean

Mainly restoration of Thames craft to a very high standard, the finish he acheives is stunning. web

Ian Richardson Boatbuilder

Simple and elegant Shetland craft. web

Kittiwake Boats

Builder of the "Kittiwake", a 14' yawl in GRP which is so pretty it was displayed at the Wooden Boat Show - albeit by mistake! web

Lakeland Wooden Boats,

Nicely produced dinghies and dayboats, usually by Iain Oughtred or Andrew Wolstenholme. 01539 727118

Nigel Waller

National 12 builder by trade, also producing the Orwell Corinthian, an 18' high-performance gaff-rigged keelboat. I have to confess an interest - I have one! email

Peter Freebody & Co,

Exquisite Thames craft web

Porth Diana Boatyard,

Looks after the Seabird ½ raters based at Treaddur Bay near Anglesey 01407 861293

Rossiter Yachts

Traditional high-quality cruising yachts. web

Salterns Boat Builders

Makes a number of pretty and effective dayboats, including the 19' Memory, and the 16' Tela email

Swallow Boatworks

Kits for canoes and double-enders. Their new Storm 17 is a real belter. web

Traditional Sail

We are a family run boatyard in Salcombe Devon which specialises in the restoration and building of wooden boats web

Ullapool Boatbuilders

Chunky Scottish double-enders built the old fashioned way web

Willow Bay Boats,

Produces the Farthing and Ha'penny dayboats, and the Shilling cruiser. Also the proud possessor of the "Afghan barbecue" which is capable of covering most of Hampshire in a pall of smoke without producing discernible heat. web

Woodwind Boats

Lightweight canoes and dayboats in wood. web

Wootton Bridge Industries

Chunky clinker dinghies like they used to be web

Working Sail

There can't be many building large working craft in wood, but these guys do web

Andrei Rochian

This guy in Romania comes well recommended by a couple of customers. web

Equipment Suppliers

Arthur Beale Ltd

At the top of Shaftesbury Avenue in London, there is this wonderful "proper" chandlery. An oasis in the desert 020 7-836-9034

Black Dog Stores

Purveys Varnol - a Norwegian oil/varnish which stinks horrible but works very well.  mail

Brion Toss

Mixes the best of traditional rigging with the best of modern equipment.  His book, "The Rigging Handbook" is excellent web

Davey & Company

We are one of the main outlets for Davey fittings, so if there is something in their catalogue not listed in ours, we can supply it mail

Footrope Knots

Knows pretty much all there is to know about rope and ropework. Does a delightful catalogue mail

Manila Cordage

And while we are on the subject of rope..... web

Ocean Rigging

High tech rigger by nature, Old gaffer by vocation. Charmina - a Strange yawl - cleaned up at this years Yarmouth Gaffers festival web

Ocean Shelf is an online marine directory specialising in yacht chandlery web

Robbins Timber

Good quality timber, sent wherever you want web

Seamark Nunn

What we call a "proper" chandlery web

T. S. Rigging

Barge charters, and traditional rigging and blocks web

The Model Dockyard

For children of all ages web

Zephyr Works

Need special sheaves or rollers? Look no further web

Brokerage and Charter

Adventure Directory

Here you can get not just wet, but frightened too. web

Classic Balloons

OK - not a nautical link, but doesn't the idea of a hot-air balloon flight appeal? web

Classic Yachts for Sale

does what it says web

Hunters Yard

They hire out proper 1930's boats on the Norfolk Broads web

Jack Tar Sailing

Hands on sailing ,seamanship skills in New Zealand web

T. S. Rigging

Barge charters, and traditional rigging and blocks web

Vineyard Sailing

US East Coast based charter web


Sail Training Vessel 'Windeward Bound' is a Brigantine rigged sailing vessel built in the 1990's in Hobart, now operating around Australia web

Wooden Ships

One of the oldest established wooden boat brokerages in the UK web

Zac Boats

Don't know them personally, but they come recommended as a good source for information on classic boats in Italy. All in Italian. web

Associations & Clubs

Australian Wooden Boat Association

The title says it all web

Colne Smack Preservation Society

You want to know about smacks?  Look here, and there is some really good technical stuff too web

Dinghy Cruising Association

Who says you can't go far afield in a small boat. These guys go all over the place web

Old Gaffers Association

A club full of the sort of individuals who couldn't possibly belong to normal clubs, because they are all interested in gaff rigged boats! A worldwide membership, and lots of events and rallies. Crap website, though web

Riva GB

Boat porn of the highest order web

Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation

A US based "stop the chainsaw" movement


Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association

Set up to promote wooden boatbuilding in the UK web

Vertue Owners Association

A site that keeps track of as many as possible of these remarkable boats web

General Sites & Others

AboarD Nautilinks

As well as a heap of links, there's also useful classifieds  web

Apparent Wind

Not a medical condition - unless an interest in traditional craft is a recognised ailment web


You want to know what is on the web regarding boats? Here it is - mostly mainstream, but a few nuggets web

Boat Owner's World

One of the largest boating portals web

Classic Boat Museum

If you are in Newport - the Isle of Wight version - you ought to find time to visit 01983 533493

Free Boat Design Resources

Look here, and you'll be there for hours.  You have been warned! web

Classic Ships (Klassieke Schepen)

The trade show for traditional boats and ships in November in Holland. web

Hayes Parsons Ltd

An insurance agent who actually understands the special needs of owners of traditional boats. mail

International Yacht Restoration School 

Located in historic Newport, Rhode Island, the IYRS is a non-profit institution teaches the skills, science and art of restoring, maintaining and building classic yachts.  web

Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy

One of the main boatbuilding colleges in the UK web

Mother of all Maritime Links

Yes, well, but the site has some really good historical and otherwise hard to find links.  I defy you not to spend hours browsing web

National Maritime Museum (UK)

This site is their "portal of high-quality maritime resources" - Classic Marine is there, of course! web

UK Sailing Index

Want to know about sailing activity in the UK?  Look here web

Wooden Boat Foundation

Seattle-based centre for maritime education web